Pink and Grey Living Room Inspiration

Is it just me or does grey seem to be the new cream? I have completely fallen in love with having grey sofas in our new grown up living room and completely fallen out of love with our old, tired, beige sofas, that have recently become so unloved, they are extravagant dog beds. They have served us well for many years, but now that the days of baby sick are behind us, it would be nice to have some nice things!

The trouble is, the room is freezing! I took down the curtains when we moved in and lifted the carpets to reveal an original herringbone oak floor and after the recent AGA fire, (Down to the chimneys needing to be swept.) we have decided to fit a stove in this room. The stove is an investment but one that will make a huge difference, not only to the room, but to the whole house!

So here are a few before snaps I took the other afternoon, before the sun went down. No filters or fancy editing, just as it is! Nothing is plugged in, odd bits of furniture with the dogs sleeping on the top of the sofa cushions. A room that doesn't get much use on account of our lovely family/dining room. A work in progress!

living room before
living room before
living room before

We have the option to put vents in the floor to our bedroom above, to benefit from the heat the stove generates and it will be so much more efficient than the open fire, which fills the room with smoke!

So the room has become a bit of a dumping ground/my office space. When the decorator moves in here next week, I need to sort out my office in the barn above the garage, which is currently full of props! The new door to the family room/dining room is waiting to be stained and fitted, the walls need decorating and the floor needs sanding and polishing. We are still debating the curtain fabric but have definitely decided to have wooden shutters on the front windows, which our lovely decorator is going to make for us. 

It's an almost square room, with traditional proportions. So we actually have lots more room than at our last house! I love the idea of having a central ottoman with piles of books and trays for drinks and nibbles, and then 3 sets of seats surrounding the fireplace. It's a room to sit and read, entertain friends, play games on Christmas Day in, and a space for Rich and I in the evening to really relax in, away from laptops!

I love this colour scheme and the work by Jessica Zoob and it's inspired me to collate all sorts of bits and cuttings to help bring our vision to life.

living room inspiration
Jessica Zoob

I adore the mix of soft and bright tones. A neutral backdrop with pops of colour and beautiful prints. I may have not been able to resist this cushion. It comes in a box and is our prized possession. I literally adore it. 

So here is my current mood board of inspiration. Pinks and greys and brass fittings for a hint of gold. 

Pink and Grey Inspiration

I love the sofas with a fixed back, to help the woofers keep off the tops, combined with new rules when the room is complete! We ordered the Angel range from Sofas and Stuff just in time for a Christmas delivery and I am currently lusting over these chairs from Alison at Home to complete the seating around the ottoman. Also on my lust list is the prints by bluebellgray. There is nothing I don't love.

rochelle chairs

Of course I haven't found the perfect coffee table or fabric ottoman yet, it's driving me mad! So if you know anyone who makes large square ones let me know!

Living room inspiration

Someone asked me on Instagram the other day, how do I have all these vases and bits all around the house with small boys. But the honest truth is, whilst they are definitely boisterous, they are not destructive. I have little vases on the coffee table and they never touch them. Planes whizz by, feet jump around, but all my lovely things stay just where they are. In fact both the boys often say "Mama, that looks lovely." Good boys!

Living room inspiration

I love the idea of big lamps on the sideboard behind the sofas, but Rich quite fancies an old piano! And when you look on eBay they go for about £50! So that's on the New Year wish list. 

This is a room that will take a while to come together. We can't have everything on our wish list all at once but all the evenings spent working will be worth it. When we have a beautiful room.

Now the funny thing is the estate agent called it the drawing room, but with our modern family living it seems to formal to call it the drawing room. So I guess it will be our sitting room, to sit and relax. Read and relax. Now hurry up lovely decorator and make it look wonderful for Christmas! 

What are your top sites for interiors inspiration? Let me know, I love searching through lovely sites!

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