Play Again! Part 1


Mabel and Moose, our 4 year old twin Westies need no excuse to play! They tear after each other like puppies, especially at the exact moment, you sit down at 9pm with a cup of tea! They are taking part in the Pedigree Joint Care + trial for 6 weeks. Check out their Facebook page for more info on the great Play Again activities and events!

For our first challenge entry, we headed to the beach, armed with our new Play Again ball pack and thrower for some fun. Big boy always wants to throw the balls but as you will see, they don't tend to go very far and the Westies don't seem impressed at all!

The Joint Care + sticks have been developed with Vets and Nutritionists which was comforting to read, as Moose suffers from text book "Westie skin" and is sensitive to most types of non hypoallergenic food.

I had barely opened the packet, (each contains 7 sticks) when I had two drooling hounds, desperate to get their chops, on one of the sticks.

Check back in next week for more!

Please excuse the sound of the wind in the video, I hope you can hear me, it is blustery down on the beach in Weston super Mare!