Play Room Inspiration

I was so happy when Carpetright contacted me to work together as we are on a countdown to the big move now and carpets and flooring are on the top of the to do list!

It all hinges on tomorrow and the big question is, will we or won't we exchange?!

I am so glad that we plan to stay in the new house for at least 20 years because I am not sure I could take the stress again!

The first room that we will be getting up together is the boy's play room. The sooner they have all their toys around them the more settled I think they will feel.

We have big plans for the kitchen (which I will share soon) which means the current dining room can be transformed into a play space for the boys.

The room is a great size at almost 12" by 10". It has a large window over looking the garden and when we have finished the works in the kitchen the 2 doors off the hallway and current kitchen will be replaced with large french doors to let even more light in.

This is the boys current play room (in our dining room). 


It is almost the same size and as you can see bursting with toys! We are taking all but one of the bookcases with us as well as the green chest unit that fits lots of baskets in.

There was no real theme to this play room just a mis match of colours and I rather like that. But with the boys planning to share a new aeroplane bedroom this time, I have an abundance of gorgeous nautical themed accessories from Sammy's current bedroom.

So the question is, do I go for a red, white and blue theme in the new house or stick to a deluge of colour?! You can find all these images on my Pinterest board here.

Play Room Inspiration.jpg

Here is my current inspiration, if we abandon the nautical theme!

Play Room Inspiration.jpg

The one thing I know is we will be sticking to a laminate floor! With small children and dogs carpet in a play room is a no in my opinion! The boys love messy play, play dough and paints and it's so easy to just clean it up at the end of a play session.  

With two smelly dogs with scratchy claws I would always go for a laminate finish too, really hardwearing and if you fancy a change bring in a small rug in one corner for a cosy reading area.

What other ideas would you have for an awesome play room - I've seen some wicked ideas with swinging trapezes and hanging chairs.... on the dreamy wish list!

You can follow my Pinterest board for the play room here and I will definitely share the finished room once we are in! 

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