Protect the precious iPad

My husband took advantage of us being over in America the other week and treated himself to a very lovely new iPad 2. He saved some dollars and it earned it's money just on the flight home! There are some great and free kid's apps out there, we love the Toca Robot lab in which you have to build a robot and then they come to life. It was free when we downloaded it but at £1.49 I would still recommend it!

This week for my Mama's Monday Must Do, is to buy a kiddie friendly case. The thing is, it is not a toy but big boy obviously thinks it is, as all he does is play games on it and swipe through photos and videos!

We found this funky Speck iGuy which we are definitely going to get. It may seem extravagant but compared to having a smashed iPad, insurance claim and increased premium next year it is a must have!

Off to place a 1-click order now!