real mom photography tips

I love discovering blogs from mommies in America. In fact I think it has become my new hobby.

My brother emigrated to New Jersey almost 2 years years ago and is truly living the American dream.

It has amazing benefits waving your brother off to the leader of the free world.

I can buy cheaper items on and have them shipped to him.

I get to visit him and go to Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Dollar Tree, Christmas Tree Shops, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Barnes and Noble, all in one weekend.

My boys have a Radio Flyer wagon instead of a double buggy! (they can both sit up now so not dangerous!!)

I adore some of the US mommy bloggers and their whimsical, gloriously pretty sites. I am almost ready to launch my wordpress site and I am sure you will see some American influences. After all I am surrounded by blue at home so why not indulge my pink, girly side in my blog!

I found this wonderful blog lillys and lollipops by Amanda and here she shares some great photography tips!

Enjoy and get snapping!