Scrappy Fabric Backdrop & Easy Peasy Pom Poms

Any regular readers will know that last month my Mum and I hosted a bee themed baby shower for my sister (who is now overdue and we are all getting impatient).

The last thing to share from the shower is the scrappy fabric backdrop I made for the buffet table which doubled up a photo backdrop, for some of their pregnancy pictures I took the next day.


It turned out so beautifully, (if I do say so myself) that they have saved it to use at the christening!

I used my frame that I use in family sessions but you could easily use a bamboo garden cane. Tie three sticks together with cable ties and use two plant pots as bases!


I bought 3m of 4 different fabrics in the sale bin of a local fabric shop. I literally jumped up and down and frightened the 65 year old shop keeper by exclaiming "I can't believe it's all bee colours!" 


Cut your fabric into strips lengthways. The scrappier the better. Tie the lengths in a repeating pattern to the top of your frame, in a single knot.


I used some awesome paper pom poms made by one of my sister's best friends. She very kindly agreed to share a tutorial but I would definitely recommend buying them from her. Check back soon, I hope to have a link to show you of her beautiful creations.


Take roughly 10 sheets of tissue paper and concertina fold them. Cut the ends into a semi circle shape (or pointed for a spiky look) and tie the middle with string.


Fan out your pom pom one side at a time. Pinch a layer at a time from the middle outwards and fluff to create a dome shape.

To create a ball, complete one side and turn over and repeat. We used the dome shaped pom poms as they lay flat against the backdrop. I used some ribbon, some wicker hearts, paper fans and some bee themed baby clothes from Asda to complete the effect!


When it comes to paper pom poms I definitely think more is more! They are my favourite party decoration!