Scrappy Fabric Wreath

scrappy wreath 2

There is an old, very traditional fabric shop in the back streets of Weston super Mare. It has no frills but has plenty of fabric including a fab selection of off cuts ready for patchwork. I buy a few occasionally for craft projects and photo back drops and recently bought 3 to make a scrappy wreath, along with some I had left over at home. I am useless at sewing so this is as seamstress like as I get!

Cut your fabric into approx 6 inch lengths, 1 inch wide. The rougher the better so don't worry about any stray ends of some being slightly wider or longer than others.

I tied mine in simple knots to a large twig wreath in a repeated sequence. 5 strips per group with the ends being the same fabric.

Dig out some off cuts as a cheap and easy but very effective holiday wreath!

I was going to add some battery operated fairy lights but it looked perfect just as it is.

I love the front of the house. Big, bold and very festive! I have reused the $1 bows I bought in America last December and filled the lanterns in the porch with festive dried fruit and bay leaves so it smells sweet for visitors!

The big bunch of mistletoe completes the porch for me, even if you do have to duck when you come in!