See it Snap it Love it - Water


I am playing serious catch up tonight, after a weekend of no internet whatsoever, so first on my list is the weekly photo challenge from Dear Beautiful Boy. This week was Water.

When we go away to the seaside, I always write something in the sand. The date, the reason we are there, who we are with.

So down on the sand at Southbourne on Saturday, I realised this snap would make a perfect Water entry.

I love swimming in the sea, and am quite brave when it comes to bounding in, even in the colder months! Once we were away with all our Uni friends, well before anyone had babies and I was one of the first to run into the sea in the pitch black, in October! My now husband was standing on the sand shouting 'Stop, you'll catch your breath!" We still joke about it now when either of us does something seemingly crazy!

I just had time to get the photo before the water washed our bank holiday memory away!