See Saw Sums

seesaw 2

It was a miserable day today. The dogs retreated to their beds as did the baby (can I call him a baby at 15 months?!) and big boy was happy with some children's tv whilst I prepared this game! There was a break in the drizzle so we made the most of the see saw, which in this Autumn weather has not had enough use and played see saw sums!

As big boy is only 3 we did some simple sums with a maximum total of 8, as I had drawn around the see saw into 8 slices!

He got the hang of it straight away and had to swing around the wheel of numbers, landing on the correct numbers in the sum.

Easy stuff like - he landed on 6. Me - "What makes six?" Big boy - "I don't know!" Me " Hold out 6 fingers, now take 1 away, how many have you got left?" You get the gist! So off to number 1 and 5 we went!

Even small boy enjoy it, even though he had no clue what the chalk meant!

You could try it with swing ball post in the middle or a plant pot with a stick in and string tied around the stick with your toddler holding the other end of the length of string.  Make up little cards with basic sums on for slightly older children too.

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