Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

record 1

Record success for the magpie in me this week! I found a vintage Wizard of Oz record for £1 in a charity shop which the boys will love when they are older. Plus the cover makes a fab play room piece of art for the wall in the meantime.

My heart was racing as the seconds counted down on this vintage record holder, which I won for £1.45! It arrived very promptly and is now a beautiful letter rack on my new desk! I use the numbers along the bottom as days of the month and have slotted jobs to do and birthday cards in each so I can keep track!



I took the boys to the local car boot sale on Sunday morning, to give my husband and extra lie in (he did the same the day before) and only bought one thing! I did fall in love with an art deco clock, but at £20 I carried on walking. Fortunately, one of my twitter pals had a sweet Westclox for sale (save that for next week!) so there will be something ticking on my desk. I bought an old Action Man trunk that is ideal for storing the hundreds of plastic soldiers we have collected (from charity shops at 99p a bag).

Me and My Shadow