#Shelfie • World Book Day

Who doesn't love a good selfie?!

Well I was so impressed when Sammy came home from school with their activity for World Book Day.

Not all parents can or love putting together (or buying) a dressing up outfit so instead of fancy dress, his school is creating a wall of "shelfies" in the school hall!

Absolutely brilliant!

Thank you to all the parents who have joined in too - I have loved seeing all these shelfies!

What a great way to encourage children to love their books.


We have books in almost every room of the house, on shelves, in bookcases and in baskets and boxes.

And our coffee table is littered with books that I flick through and read almost every day for inspiration. I may only get about 10 seconds somedays but I will always find something in a book that sparks an idea.

Coffee table books

One of my favourite "books" is the photo book my sister made me for my 30th Birthday. A picture tells a thousand words and this is full of happy memories for me.

Ok so whilst this book may not be full of wonderful prose or an epic story, it is my epic tale, up to 30!

First hours, first friends, face packs, first love, first job, first baby and first holidays.

My biggest inspiration, my family and friends.

Capture by Lucy
Capture by Lucy

The last pages are so special. It was just after my sister's wedding that we said "Wouldn't it be lovely to have another baby!"

3 weeks later at my cousin's wedding I had no idea our wish had already come true in a heartbeat.

Capture by Lucy

You can join in with the #shelfie idea by sharing a photo of you and your little or big ones by their books!

Little Luca and Me have posted their shelfies too!

Happy World Book Day everyone now put down your phone or laptop and pick up something with pages ;)