Snap Happy BritMums - catch up 5,6,7


No I am not singing the Steps line dancing inspired song 5,6,7,8 I am playing catch up after an internet blackout so I am going to post 3 entries in 1 for the BritMums Snap Happy photo challenge! Forgive me!

Day 5 - Blue

You can't get much sadder than this. Small boy was laughing and giggling around Peppa Pig World this weekend. Squealed with delight on Grandpa Pig's Boat ride but as soon as I put him down for a photo in front of this mural he burst into tears! He was so Blue!

Day 6 - View from above

I was spoilt for choice having been on the Windy Castle ride and Peppa's balloon ride but it just had to be this photo for my entry for a view from above.

My 2 beautiful boys waiting for their turn on Daddy Pig's car ride!

Day 7 -Warmth

Late in the afternoon we headed down to the beach with our best friends who have a little girl, who is 3 months older than Big boy. They utterly adore each other, and although they sometimes fight like siblings, they bring out the best in each other. Despite it being freezing cold (to our bodies) they ran along the beach, eventually kicked off their shoes and tried to dodge the incoming waves! Queue wet sandy socks and the most incredibly amount of giggling you could hear. It warmed our very chilly hearts on a dreary bank holiday!