Snap Happy BritMums - my mantelpiece fridge

Day 9 of the Snap Happy BritMums photo challenge. Inside my fridge. I love our fridge. It may be masculine and overpowering, but it is ginormous inside and having ice on tap is a luxury, that you very quickly get used to!

It has helped big boy drink water only at home too, as it's fun for him to fill up his cup! The painting on it is apparently us that he drew at preschool! Obviously more of an abstract painter!

It fits snugly between the larder cupboards and acts as our mantelpiece as our fire place doesn't have one (it's brick all the way to the top).

As we spend most of the time in the kitchen, it is nice to have all your invites and thank you cards and the like on display where you get to enjoy them most! (Plus the new house numbers are there at the moment, that my brother bought us!)