Snap Happy BritMums - Pampering for your post labour basement

Well I was spoilt for choice for the pampering photo today, for the BritMums photo challenge. I whizzed out to the supermarket this morning before my husband started work and left the boys at home. What a treat! Food shopping without the children, which means you can actually just do what you went there for! To food shop! Coldplay's Paradise was even playing on the radio as I got in the car. So I toyed with taking a photo of the trolley minus the kids but then realised I had  a better idea!

I have to pop in on my cousin in law later on my way home from work. She is due to pop anyway with her second child, a little boy to join our growing family. I will be taking her a box which contains the best pampering she will feel post labour!

We both absolutely swear by these gel pads made by Feme Pad. They are the best pampering a post labour mummy can get! You pop the two gel pads in the freezer, (they set like teething rings) put them in a protective gauze and then...... well you can guess where they go!

They are incredible, They help with swelling and soreness and offer an instant 'aaaah' kind of relief! Like when you take your first sip of coffee or tea in the morning times a hundred!

I think they should be given at every baby shower for anyone not booked in for a c-section!

Amazon and the NCT online shop stock them and I have seen them in Boots and Mothercare.