Soda Bread Steak Sandwich

I love the principle of open sandwiches.

Perhaps it's because we stuff ours too full to pick up with our hands ;)

Hearty for a cold Spring day, this recipe is easy to prepare and warms you up nicely.

Steak Sandwich

I used a seeded soda bread loaf to balance the meat. Soda bread has a denser texture and we love the rawness of the flavour.

Steak sandwich

Cook your piece of steak according to taste. I like to splash a little Kikkoman soy sauce in the griddle. Watch it sizzle. Add your mushrooms and sliced tomato to the pan so they cook in the juices.

Steak sandwich

Layer up your soda bread slice with a spread of butter or margarine, chopped strips of steak, tomato and mushrooms. Sprinkle with macro leaves and shoots. Drizzle with balsamic glaze and serve on a bed of salad leaves.

Steak sandwich

You can find the macro leaves in the salad section of most supermarkets. They add a little bit of intrigue to a regular salad.

Steak sandwich

A rustic treat that you want to pull apart with your fingers. You could toss a few pumpkin seeds over the top for extra crunch too.

I might try it again with caramelised onions marmalade.....yum scrum!

steak sandwich

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