Sponsor Santa Christmas Appeal

Wednesdays are usually dedicated to spreading the word about the incredible charity based in Taunton, The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. But I know they won't mind if I share another great cause today.

I received an email a little while ago from the The Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation which couldn't be more close to home at the moment.


As I type this a little member of our family, who is just 5, is battling for his life in a London hospital, fighting an aggressive tumour. He is undergoing a treatment plan so intense it brings me to tears just thinking of how brave he is.

The Sponsor Santa Christmas Appeal helps the 3999 other children just like him, who will be in hospital over the Christmas period. The most horrible thing about this evil disease is that for many of these children it may be their last Christmas.

Whilst we all take our photos of our beautifully decorated trees, the stockings being hung, rush around posting Christmas craft ideas and hope our blog posts are well shared, I actually hope that this one will be my most well read in December.

Because this is the one that will really make a difference.

I am urging you to help Santa, creating happy festive memories for families who may not have too much to smile about this Christmas, by buying toys, books and gifts for the wards that care for them.

Even the smallest donation can make a difference, for example:

£3 – will buy puzzle;
£5 – a teddy bear or colouring kit;
£7 – a book or crafting kit;
£10 to stuff a stocking with bubbles, slinkies and fun toys;
or £50 to fill one of Santa’s sacks!

So many generous people drop off actual presents for hospitals but I have seen first hand that sometimes, a typical present for a 5 year old may not be appropriate. There are lots of factors like motor skills, energy and attention span that mean that the people working hard for the Sponsor Santa Christmas Appeal are the best people to choose the presents.

So please donate what you can. Buy one less present for your own child to open on Christmas morning. I believe every single person who reads this post could afford to donate £1.

You can donate here.

It's a surreal and scary feeling trying to make one of the worst Christmases feel like the best. But we will be doing everything we can as a family to support each other and make a brave little boy have a magical Christmas.

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