St Patrick's Day Bento Babies • 5 Fabulous Feasts

One for the Bento Babies lovers today!

I love a good theme. Seasons, celebrations and saint's days!

So in for a penny in for an Irish pound (well Euro really), here are 5 ideas for a Bento lunch or snack tea for the smaller people in your house.

St Patrick's Day Bento

I know that a lot of my lovely readers do not have children who are at school yet, so may think they will save these Bento ideas for when they start school. But no! Muffin tins make the perfect snack trays for picky lunches or poobernickel teas as my best friend's little boys calls them!

So raid your baking trays and try serving their lunch in a different way. I am constantly amazed by how simple changes in presentation can result in the boys trying new foods and enjoying the ones they love that little bit more.

Here are 5 ideas, one for every day of the working week :)

St Patrick's Day Bento

Blueberries/Edamame Beans/Pepperoni Potato Cake Sandwiches/Sweetcorn Crocodile Puffs/Clementine/Coconut Fruit Pouch with Sprinkles - the pot of gold!

St Patrick's Day Bento

Apple Fruit Pouch with Sprinkles/Carrot Puffs/Pistachio Nuts/Strawberries/Ham Wraps/Fruit Loops - for the rainbow!

St Patrick's Day Bento

Mini Sweet Cucumbers/Raisins and Fruit Smoothie Melts/Fromais Frais/Trio Colour Grapes/Cream Cheese and Pastry Twists/Dried Apple Slices

St Patrick's Day Bento

Banana Chips/Sunflower Seeds/Kiwi Fruit/Tomato Cous Cous/Carrot Sticks/Shredded Pork/Babybel Cheese

St Patrick's Day Bento

Watermelon/Cooked Pasta/Banana and Sprinkles/Edible Spray Painted Boiled Egg/Lime Jelly/Honeycomb

If you want to give them something sweet cake sprinkles are a great way to keep the sugar content low with maximum impact!

Bento lunches

I am really passionate about Bento - if you are new to Bento then have a read here.

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Pot of Gold lunch

And if I was packing a lunch for school or pre school this is how it would look! 

Bento Lunch Ideas

I adore all the little picks and have built up quite a collection! I bought the St Patrick's Day themed picks in America but you can buy lots of Bento accessories in the UK. Check out Eats Amazing's shop here. I'm definitely buying the eye picks next.

Bento Letter Picks

Now show me yours! Let's get inspired with feeding our children variety and colour!