St Patrick's Day Cocktail • Guinness Milkshake

Happy St Patrick's Day!

This easy cocktail takes seconds to make and there's not a drop of alcohol in it!

St Patrick's Day Milkshake

Mix a few drops of black food colouring into a glass of milk. Stir until you have a rich Guinness like colour.

Add a few drops of frothed milk on the top and hey presto! I used a little electric whisk from Asda for £1.96 and don't forget to froth the milk in a separate glass first!

How to froth milk

I added a crusty sugar sprinkle rim by dipping the edge in balsamic glaze and then rolling the glass on a plate of sprinkles. You'd think it would taste disgusting but no! The boys loved it.

Sugar Glass Rims - Milk Cocktail
Milkshake Cocktail

I have loved reading all the different craft ideas that have been swimming around the internet. Did you make anything for St Patrick's Day?

St Patrick's Day Craft

The boys will be feasting with a hint to Paddy's Day. You can check out my 5 lunch ideas here.

St Patricks Day Bento