Steam Writing

After last weeks accomplishment we have been practising our S's and working on the new found skill - Sammy's handwriting. This week it is half term which means Ollie goes to nursery as normal but pre school is off for the holiday.

It is a precious time for Sammy and I to have a few hours on our own. I do have to work and check emails but we get to enjoy luxuries that time normally doesn't allow for.

Like a lazy shower together.

I love bathing with them and although it is a bit of a squeeze it is a pleasure.

Today we tried practising our letters in the steam on the shower screen. You could easily try this with a mirror and run the shower if you didn't want to get wet!

It really helped his 'flow' and he thought it was hilarious me taking a picture then showing him his masterpiece.

Do you bath with your little ones? When did you stop?!