Styling the Seasons • January

I love love love the #stylingtheseasons project by Apartment Apothecary and Lotts and Lotts. A monthly styling prompt to share a surface in your home to represent what that month means to you. I join in on Instagram, sharing my beloved blue sideboard and other little ledges around our house, but this year I want to document all the corners of my home that are filled with flowers and trinkets. I move things around from room to room, and I like to call it my capsule home. One week a vase will be at home in the sitting room, the next it will pop up in the hallway.

I look how the light is on a given day, revive wilting stems overnight in the conservatory, blasting them with a cold air that keeps them going a few days longer. I adore having fresh flowers in the house, it is a luxury, but one I am happy to commit to, because it brings me so much pleasure. My jeans may be a little snug and perhaps my money could be better spent on a gym membership but I find my whole demeanour changes when I have popped to one of my favourite local florists Sprout and Flower and picked up a paper roll of loveliness from her seasonal buckets and other goodies they may have in stock.

I never know what might be in the shop when I visit and I potter around, seeing what catches my eye. I always have our sideboard in mind, and most often like to make a bigger display in the centre with twigs or blossom and then work outwards.

 The #stylingtheseasons gallery is bursting with beautiful interiors and floral inspiration that makes me endlessly scroll, makes my mind light up with ideas sparked from someone's kitchen window or fireplace display. It's a gallery full of love for styling, bursting with people who feel like I do, that taking time to arrange your favourite things, the things that make you happy, makes a difference to your happiness.

I was totally drawn to the shades of blue, catching the light at the back of the shop. It must have been a premonition because a couple of days later my family were blessed with a new tiny blue one! I must share a few photos of little Logan, the new man in their lives, the one that arrived at lightening speed and made us all weak at the knees, hearts swollen with love and tears running down our cheeks.

I look at this display and I think of him, but really it was here just before he arrived! I wanted some warmth, baby pinks and pale blues, whispers of coral pink in the blossom and the feeling of new life. Little wooden egg cups of sprouting bulbs ready to grow over the next few weeks.

I kind of like that the light was a little strange when I took these pictures, they could be sharper, less grainy but that wouldn't be January. Not in this house anyway! The smidgen of sunshine we've seen has lit up the frosty fields with an everlasting sparkle, that if you miss it one morning, is still there the next day. 

The house feels like a cavern, fires blazing, hot water bottles at the ready at bedtime, but it feels touched by magic when a stream of sunlight blasts in. These photos are a snapshot in time, on a cold and frosty morning.

Standing quietly next to the baby pinks and baby blues are a splash of hot pink ranunculus and vivid purple anemones. It wouldn't quite be me without them ;)

But blue rules this week.

I'd love to see your January home styling, are you joining in with #StylingtheSeasons?