Sunday Prop Shop Part 3

Hooray time for Sunday Prop Shop! But this week it comes with a warning! No perfect shots! I have shared some unedited photos this week, some on the Canon and some on my iPhone, but do click on the links to the finished posts to see how they turned out!

The internet has been bursting over the last 2 weeks with amazing inspiration for how to use props to improve your photography. 

My favourite posts I have read include an old post of Matt's prop tour OMG. Yes that's right I OMG'd. I am in awe of the blog photography on Lark and Linen, so effortlessly styled and finally the most sumptuous photography of a pavlova I have ever seen from Tanya Zouev.

This week I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos of some recent blog posts. All food related but I thought it would be interesting to see how I layer up the styling.

My style is definitely not less is more, although I am working on some more simplified styling. It just goes against everything I love! 

Behind the scenes Food Photography.jpg

I love telling a story. Using props to add depth, texture and interest.  So the pictures themselves become more interesting than the subject itself.

You can see I use my tin bath as both a backdrop and to place a subject matter on. It has great texture and I leave it outside year round, as the rustier it gets the more I love it.

I always have scissors to hand to chop bits off here and there, and extra ingredients to have as back up props. The sprinkled coconut in the fig tarts post almost looks like snow! The "plate" is actually a garden stepping stone from a local DIY store! But the grey stone, combined with the effect of wood knots really adds to the photo.

I like to use flowers and greenery in my photography as that is what my natural style has developed into. What do you think defines your style? 

You will also notice that these were all taken outside on our patio either on the garden table, the boys sandpit with the cover on it, or on the wrought iron green table. With the weather turning and the afternoons getting darker, I will show you another time how I am creating the same photos indoors. Time to embrace the darker more atmospheric blog photography style and take advantage of what nature is giving us! 

I haven't edited these images in any way but you can see the finished posts here. 

I'll save how I edited them for another time. 

Ratatouille Tarts

Ratatouille Tarts

Fig Tarts

Fig Tarts

Orange Blossom Cakes

Orange Blossom Cakes

Open Cherry Pie

Open Cherry Pie

Tomorrow I am off to Honeybuns again for an extra day of shooting (including a magazine recipe shoot, only for my absolute favourite magazine Pretty Nostalgic eek) and I can't wait to blog my time there in next fortnight's Sunday Prop Shop. Their collection of vintage kitchenalia is breathtaking! 

Here is a sneak peek. 

Behind the Scenes.jpg

How did you style up your photos lately? Did you take an extra minute to think about your composition or lighting? Did you place a spoon or fork so delicately then rearrange it?!

Link them up here, it's a great way to share ideas and be inspired! I have noticed lots of bloggers taking extra care with their photos recently and I hope that maybe I have have a little hand in their extra effort.  

Show off your skills here! Did you style up a food post or have a little at home or on location photo shoot? Thank you so much for those who take part I feel truly inspired by you.


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