Sunday Prop Shop Part 4

Hip hip hooray it's Prop Shop day! 

Styling is an art. An art that takes an ordinary moment or photo to something extraordinary.  

Props are all around us and I find it impossible to leave something in the charity shop that might make an excellent accessory to a blog post in the future! 

I have been completely inspired this week visiting the Gladstone empire including the Gladstone Library, Hawarden Farm Shop, Pedlars vintage warehouse and Charlie's studio where they take all the styled product photos for Pedlars Friday Vintage

Every aspect of all their businesses are lovingly styled. I have hundreds of photos to share. But this week is all about cake.

As I mentioned in the last Sunday Prop Shop post, I have recently spent almost a week shooting thousands (yes really) of photos for Honeybuns, a gluten free bakery in Dorset.

Here are some behind the scenes shots! 

Honeybuns behind the scenes.jpg

Product photos for a new website, styled recipe shoots for future blog posts and magazine features. Seasonal photos for marketing newsletters, flyers and campaigns and about 500 that don't fall into any category at all! 

Food photography styling props.jpg

It was wonderful to be part of the styling team as well as the photographer. And on some occasions left to my own devices. We brainstormed different ideas, layered up the shot and worked with different props and textures until we had the magic set up. 

Food photography styling props.jpg

The farm was bursting with potential props. Collections of things the family have built up over a lifetime and heirloom pieces that have been passed down through generations. Even a regular lunch was a photo shoot without even trying! I just had to get up high and take a photo! I love how the photos aren't harshly lit by studio lights. That the food has real shadows and the colours pop.

What do you think? I wanted to capture the natural warmth and movement of actually being at the bakery. I am so pleased with how they came out! 

Honeybuns Bakery.jpg

I truly believe that to customers, the styled photographs will be more attractive than white background stock product photos. That the extra effort involved is worth it. 

Honeybuns Bakery.jpg

Have you taken a little extra effort? Placed a napkin under your plate of food or thought about the composition of a family portrait? Grab the badge and link up your lovely photos! I am always so inspired by those who share their links on Sunday Prop Shop.


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