Sunshine Bento Babies - Rainbow Colours - Yellow

After the green feast for St Patrick's Day I decided to try out a Bento for all the colours of the rainbow.

This week yellow.

If you are wondering what Bento Babies is - click here and catch up.

With all the liquid sunshine we have had over the past week my boys are in desperate need of a cheery lunch, to brighten the afternoons spent inside watching the raindrops.


I need these rainbow colour Bento Babies boxes to be simple, as I never sensibly make them the night before preschool.

On a separate note how cute is the puppy box?! Thank you Mr Ikea. (Can you see me in his eyes?!)


I have some small metal alphabet cookie cutters and make some Y cutouts from pre sliced cheese as it is less crumbly. A Y cheese and cracker tower stack.


I bought the smiley face picks on holiday from the Magnolia Bakery - can you believe I bought picks and not cupcakes?! The funny egg discs and lion pick is from Bento USA.


Featured in this Bento Babies box:

  • Dried tropical fruit mix
  • Yoghurt covered apricot
  • Fresh Pineapple
  • Fresh Melon
  • Cheese and cracker sandwich
  • Sliced boiled egg
  • Yoghurt covered raisins


It is so wonderful to see so many of you exploring the principle of Bento and even better that your children are benefitting and eating new things!

You can find more ideas on the Bento Babies Pinterest Board and link up your creations here too. They don't have to be fancy - simple is super! We all need quick, easy but exciting new ways to expand our little ones palettes and broaden their eating horizons.