The All American Wedding


If you have read my blog more than once, you will know we are off to America next week, for my brother's wedding. I have been to quite a few weddings, now that I am the grand old age of 30, but they have all been traditional English affairs.

I have been reading up on the differences between the English and American wedding. We don't tend to have escort cards, (they would have a totally different meaning as in an Escort as in Pretty Woman!) the women don't wear corsages on their wrists, the ceremony is much earlier in the day, the champagne reception becomes cocktail hour in the US, (this sounds fab!) the newly weds don't sit on their own sweetheart table in England and we do not host a formal rehearsal meal the night before.

My mother is effectively hosting the rehearsal dinner (she's put up the cash!) but because the Groom has two small nephews they are having a rehearsal lunch instead, with the entire Bridal party and then we are off to see the Priest for the practise run!

I love the idea of everyone having a meal together to celebrate and discuss the big event with less than 24 hours to go! I think it will add to the excitement and build up of the wedding and it is a chance for the two families to socialise properly, as I am sure everyone will only have snippets of conversation on the actual day as that is how it goes at weddings!

I remember at my own wedding, I made a conscious effort to say hello to everyone, but for some that is all I said! Not on purpose but just because you can have so many people to get round!

I am making a few bits to have at the lunch, I can't put them on the blog unless the Bride and Groom promise not to look!

I have been researching bits and pieces and as is always the way, have found some great ideas but with only 4 days until we fly, I am not sure I will be able to do them all! Like this wishes bouquet from Petal Wishes!

Linking up my current crush for this week with Danielle at Framed Frosting

My perfect rehearsal! Of course it just has to be red white and blue! I can't wait until next week when I can show you some photographs of the real thing!

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