The awesomeness of Aldi

aldi 3

I blooming love Aldi. I will tell anyone who will listen, that and about Slimming World. My husband says I basically only have 2 topics of conversation, well three now I have my blog!

I always do my main food shop in Aldi then top up the things I can't get in there, like extra lean mince and big boy's nappies for night time (he needs a 6).

I have saved a fortune over the last few years. I can get a trolley, spilling over with items, including toilet and kitchen roll, nappies for small boy and any other household bits I need that week, for just under £70. I think that is at least £25 less than if I bought the same in one of the other major supermarkets (of which Weston is lucky to have them all!)

Anyway, even if you are a food snob it's still well worth a visit for a rummage through the middle aisles. They always have an eclectic mix of goodies and you always come out with something random!

Today, I bought chip baskets! Plastic but very nice baskets, perfect for small boy's birthday party! I have done a deal with the local chip shop for smaller portions (as it's tea time) which they are delivering up to the Village Hall!

They also had a great section of ice cream toppings and wafers! Next to books and blow up beds!

We are going to have an ice cream stand, made out of big boy's wooden kitchen! So guests will help themselves to ice cream from the "freezer"! So these sauces that go hard as they set on your ice cream were perfect! Mint choc and orange flavour too!

I also found these plastic fantastic straws that have powder in them, that when you sip milk through them it makes it taste like milkshake! A great way to get your kids to drink more milk!