Wonderful Wedding Wednesday • The Best Royal Weddings

I'm a sucker for a good wedding.  

Any wedding. Friends, family, Facebook friends. I so enjoy reading about a celebrity wedding (For the record Marvin and Rochelle from the Saturdays is my favourite celeb big day) or two and get lost for hours in wedding blogs and on Pinterest. 

Who else will admit to be more than a little bit tempted to renew their vows, just so you could plan your renewal on Pinterest?! 

I love a good Royal Wedding too. Oh the tiaras! 

These are some of my favourite Royal brides. Majestic, classic, trendsetting in their day and inspiring. I would take a detail from each one to create my ultimate Royal bridal look.

Best Royal Weddings.jpg

From left to right, top to bottom: Princess LouisePrincess Grace of MonacoPrincess Marie-Françoise Princess Margaret, The Duchess of CambridgeQueen Elizabeth II

I adored the build up to THE Royal Wedding of the last decade, we had a party (any excuse) and the house was decorated in red, white and blue! And this was pre blog, so you can see I have always had OTT tendencies! 

The Royal Wedding.jpg

I was pregnant with Ollie, in a deliriously happy stage of pregnancy, I had my sister to cry with as Kate entered the church and it was a wonderful family day.

I love how weddings bring out so much happiness in more than just the bride and groom. You see Facebook pictures of couples all dressed up for a friends wedding, mothers bursting with pride when their little ones are chosen as flower girls and that nervous excitement that sweeps the room before the bride makes her entrance is magic.

Every Wednesday I support The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. Where the work they do is literally magic. 

Magic because it makes a couple's dreams come true. Before something really sad may happen.  They help terminally ill people plan and fund their weddings. Weddings, which would probably have not happened otherwise.

Please help make another couple as happy as Catherine and William, as happy as all the other Royal couples who will come after them, and most of all, as happy as I or you were on your wedding day.  

It doesn't matter who you are on your wedding day. It matters who you marry. And for the couples who are supported by The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, it matters when you marry.

You can donate £1 or more if you'd like to, here

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