The Big Day

I know it must seem strange that I haven't posted any photographs from the actual wedding (my brother got married on the 29th June in America). The truth is I hardly took any. I know - me - the girl with a camera permanently attached to my nose.

My husband was the Best Man and I really didn't want my Mum and Sister "on duty". I wanted them to enjoy the wedding for themselves. This meant that I was totally run off my feet chasing two boys around and that if it was possible to enjoy any part of the wedding for myself, when the boys were entertained for 2 minutes, I wanted to take it!

We all had the time of our lives but of course now we are home, I am desperately sad I don't have my usual hours of editing to do.

As soon as I get my cd of the official photographs I will share some of my favourites, as there were lots of little details I can't wait to post about.

Sometimes you can be so busy with capturing the moment that you miss the moment! So I decided to leave it to the professionals!

My darling brother and my beautiful sister in law.