the gallery - extreme close up - Granny's glasses

I have many beautiful things that my Granny left me all dotted around our house.

To me they have such meaning and history and they show me where I get my love of hoarding from. Granny kept every birthday card me and my 5 cousins gave her and my Grandpa and kept holiday diaries which I have adored reading.

One of her most treasure possessions I was so lucky to have is her set of antique champagne saucers. They look exquisite and are the most delicate thing I own. I am determined to enjoy them (very carefully) and not let them become a dusty precious object left on a shelf for admiration purposes only.

The way it feels when you delicately hold the stem in your finger and the paper thin glass make drinking the cheapest bubbly from the supermarket an experience.

They have the most subtle but stunning pattern which I hope I captured in the light.

So here is my first contribution to the gallery. Enjoy!