The Great Somerset Colour Run 2015 • #capturingcolour • brights

The #capturingcolour week of brights was a blast. A riot of saturated reds, dazzling blue skies, hit you in the face shades of every colour of the rainbow. My week of colour started and ended in spectacular fashion. The garden is bursting with every hue, deep pinks, burnt oranges, sunshine yellows and vivid purples.

But the end of my week was colour magic. Taking part in a colour run is a special experience. The people, the cause, the haze of powder at every km mark. Rich and I signed up a while ago to support St Margaret's Hospice and join over 1500 other runners, walkers, children, grandparents and groups of friends to run 5km for charity last Sunday. The result was a crescendo of positive energy, dancing, smiles so wide your face hurt and the most colourful washing basket you will ever have the pleasure to wash! 

We were covered from head to toe. And it has never been so fun to get dirty! The boys adored it, were desperate to join in, next year Sammy boy. My heart melted like a nobbly bobbly on a hot Summer's day when we passed them on the first lap and he ran as fast as he could along side us on the other side of the rope line. Screaming with glee and encouragement as if he was never going to see us again! That complete adoration that we had run that far (Ok it's only 5km but that felt a long way for these out of shape runners. The hot dogs might not have been the best option!) and the excitement that we were going to pass them again even more covered in paint!

I was so desperate to run into the haze with my big camera but the powered gets everywhere! I have promised we will recreate the colour run in the garden in the Summer, wouldn't this be amazing for a kid's birthday party!

If you ever get the chance to participate, raise money for a fantastic cause just do it! We ran through the powder stations killing ourselves giggling, and the crowd support was fantastic. Everyone cheered you on from the sidelines, people were snapping away not wanting to miss a moment.

A collection of people, strangers, all laughing and smiling at each other. All day. 

great somerset colour run.jpg

Such an exhilarating and joyous experience, thanks to Granny who looked after too cheeky boys who wanted to run off every minute!

And thank you all for joining in with the #capturingcolour week of brights. Just stunning! Every colour you could imagine, it finally feels like Summer has arrived!

But I just adored this scene from the photo walk at Blogtacular. I was at the conference on Saturday but tucked up in our crisp white hotel sheets at the Travelodge in Covent Garden when these incredibly creative group of Instagrammers took to the streets of London armed with giant balloons. As soon as this was posted I knew it would be my favourite for the week!

Check out Melanie's inspiring feed on her Instagram account GeoffreyandGrace

What would life be without colour. Monday blues, Wintry shades of white and grey, the seasons take us through a spectrum of colour each year.

Now is the time I love the most. Summer brights! Thank you so much for a really great event!

I took some snippets of video, for a moment I stood and thought face your fear, switch the iPhone to video! I'm going to have a play at editing them all together but for now you can see the magical moment here.


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