The Hungry Handprint Caterpillar

hc 8

I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew it would make the perfect keepsake first birthday card for my cousin's little boy who is one on Monday. Right on theme with the birthday party!

Take a blank piece of paper, green, blue, red and yellow paint. (Mix the blue and red to make the purple)

Paint the palm of a hand with green and the four fingers blue for the legs.

Turn you paper upside down and place your print on the page. 3 prints make a great body!

Big boy did the first two sections and small boy did the last body. It was impossible to get him to keep his hand open so I painted three of my fingers as the legs for his body!

Paint a palm red for the face and two fingers (with a finger space in the middle) purple for the antennae.

Dada did two big yellow finger prints for the eyes and big boy two purple pupil thumbprints! Small boys thumbprint made a great nose.

I decided it was so sweet, I ink stamped his name along the bottom and framed it in an A4 frame with a luggage tag hanging from the top with a message from us!

A truly handmade card from the whole family.

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