The perfect desk for a big kid's room • Featuring Habitat

When we moved from our last house, the house we bought the boys home from hospital to, Ollie was still in his baby nursery filled with woodland creatures and owls of every description and Sammy had upgraded from his cot bed to a bed with no sides in preparation for a single bed once we had moved. But his room decor was still the nautical nursery he'd had as a tiny baby.

I have never been a huge fan of character themed bedrooms, the worry and pain of spending lots of money updating their duvets and accessories every couple of years as they fall out of love with the latest superhero has never appealed! Instead I'd like them to be involved in curating their own room, with the precious toys they have treasured since birth, little pieces passed down from grandparents and things we spot on our travels.

One of Sammy's wish list items for his new room when we complete on our forever house in the Autumn is a big boy desk. Somewhere to colour, to craft and to complete homework now he'll be a bigger boy in Year 1.


Their set of school desks have been stored away in the garage, in readiness for their new bedroom. They are great because you can store all sorts inside them for rainy days but also have enough surface space to add some desk essentials.

Habitat lamp

The boys were sent a lovely lamp from Habitat's new collection of affordable, beautifully designed pieces. Perfect for a big boy desk! And it comes in bubblegum pink too.

Habitat lamp

We've fallen in the trap of collecting huge amounts of arts and crafts odds and end, plastic boxes of hardened play do and old pages of stickers that have all stuck together, but really you just need these:

  • A box of paper. Plain paper and let their imagination do the rest. We keep theirs in my Granny's suitcase so it doesn't get dog eared before it's used.
  • Colouring pencils. Sammy is showing so much enthusiasm for writing and independent art work after a year at school and pencils make him feel grown up! I steep clear of felt tips because no matter how careful they appear to be they always end up on clothes and on the carpet!
  • A tin for little things. Is anyone else's house littered with Loom bands and Lego?! I need to keep these tiny things contained! My boys are like magpies and love little tins to carry around their special collections. There's always a stone in there or a feather!
  • Stencils, stamps and old greetings cards. Old birthday or Christmas cards make perfect craft supplies and they are free!
  • A craft jar. Slim down and make up a jar of a pair of safety scissors, glue stick, glitter, brushes and replace them as they get used or worn out. 
  • Activity books. We love any sort of dot to dot, quiz book or activity worksheets. Great for traveling and rainy days alike, plus they seem to be never ending! Something the boys can pick up and put down when they fancy.
What to put on a child's desk

I can't wait to see their desk set up in situ. As they will be sharing a room the two desks are perfect for side by side crafting and creating and I got them for £50 secondhand! I might paint them a bright red as I love the idea of lots of colour in their bedroom.

The green lamp would really pop against the desk and they can't fail to be inspired to be creative at their new desk space.

craft supplies
habitat lamp

I love that Habitat are bringing out a collection of pieces for the more conservative budget. One day it would be great to have a house full of their beautiful furniture but being able to buy something more affordable, but that doesn't compromise on their signature contemporary design, is perfect for now. 

Habitat lamp