The perfect party part 4


The party favours. Everyone got a little painted floristry oasis (yes it took hours of painting but totally worth it!) all stuffed with a mini windmill, (Poundland two for 99p) a paper straw with a marshmallow on the end, a flower cocktail stick and a super hero lolly! (I used the fab printable capes from Zakka Life)

The party bags were actually boxes from the Wonder Pets party range (which I ordered on Amazon and shipped to my brother in New Jersey as it was cheaper!) filled with star sunglasses, a whistle, cress seeds, popping candy, Haribo mini sweets and spiderman candy sticks!

The babies all got little party bags with a grow your own cress rabbit (where the cress grows out of the top) and a toothbrush for when their milk teeth come through!