The tortoise and the hair

I have been slowly finishing off a post I have called 'How to wear plaits after you are 5'! I have always had long hair (apart from 4 months where I foolishly though a bob was a good idea at school - it wasn't, I looked like a boy).

In this hot humid weather I still wash and blow dry my hair everyday, only for it to feel heavy and even hotter!

Plaits are a great way to keep your hair off your back and shoulders but after a certain age, I know I just can't pull off the Heidi look.

The reason the post is taking so long, is that I am trying to take photographs to upload tutorials, but need an assistant a.k.a my husband to take them! Let's just say his enthusiasm for hair photographs is limited, so has to be done in short sessions!

I will get there, but I will be the tortoise and not the hare!

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