The Windy City is Mighty Pretty

A sunny Sunday saunter along Sand Bay. In gale force winds! We had our best friends to stay for our belated New Year's celebration and needed some fresh sea air to clear our heads after all the cocktails!

Weston - I love you but do you have to be so windy!

After my big day on Friday, I didn't touch my slr all weekend (I even missed posting on Saturday - shock horror) as after almost 12 hours behind the camera I needed to leave it nestled in my camera bag until today, when I will start the major editing task! Only 1500 to go through!

As I am never without my phone I managed to snap away at Sand Bay before the clouds came over and the rain came down. Ollie, still nursing his black eye from his fall in the snow, wouldn't let go of the stick he had dragged up and down the length of the beach! I love that his fingers are too little for the gloves, they hung down like a cow's udders!

Hope you all had good weekends. Happy Monday!

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