The working Mother

I am an annual member of the NCT even though I never attended one of their antenatal courses. It is great to be a member though and not just so you can get into their nearly new sales before the general public!

I really enjoy reading their quarterly magazine and this Autumn's edition had some interesting facts about working mothers.

I, like 13.7% of working mothers, work from home with flexible hours.

Whilst it is has often proved very tricky to juggle two children at home and check emails and respond to calls, the benefits of having flexible hours has been immense.

From this September, small boy will be in nursery three mornings a week, to give me dedicated time to work. Not work and put on a load of washing or empty the dishwasher. Just work.

I really enjoy my job at GreenSquare and admire parents who are at home full time. I crave that independence away from the children. I don't think that makes me a bad mother, just a mother who recognises I need time for myself, for my career. I have always imagined that when the children are at school, I can ramp up my hours and enjoy all that working more brings. I don't feel they would be deprived if I kept my hours the same, but spoiling them with the fruits of my labour, is a pleasure.

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