This week - Time flies when you are having fun

This week feels like hurricane Lucy has hit Weston super Mare.

I'm rushing around, have work meetings in Bristol, writing list after list, frantically sending work and pleasure emails, trying to catch up on opportunities and have a birthday party looming.

A big birthday party and it's getting bigger by the day. Not in a bad way, but there is just another thing I want to make, another site to bookmark, a couple of extra bits to print. Plus I have a blog this year that is helping with lots of details. More soon on that note.

Yes I know I could make life simpler and have 3 friends over for tea, but that's just not me. Whilst I am sure he would enjoy it just the same, I'm a more is more kind of gal.

I'd like to state for the record I am not in the least bit complaining. This is how I love life. Busy, bright and full of mayhem. I am an all or nothing girl. But all is feeling like the world this week. 

I do my best work under pressure. Always left exam revision to the night before and am most productive the hour before a deadline. If only there was just 3 hours more in the day. 

Here is a glimpse into my manic week.


I feel like I am stood on the top of a waterfall and I just need to jump. After the chaos and panic of the fall will come calm waters. Who wants to jump with me?

Here's to living every second to the full.