Touch and Feel Name Game

tst 1

I recently attended big boy's pre school open morning. I was really impressed with his attempts at writing his own name and I was pleased that the practising we have done at home is paying off. However, the pre school leader made a very valid point about the way I was encouraging him at home.

I was always taught to join the dots, but that is the wrong way. Joining dots simply teaches children to well, join the dots rather than the continual flow of the letter itself.

With that in mind, we made a game to encourage big boy to feel the shapes the letters make.

He helped me with all the materials, lovingly screwed up 40 silver foil balls and donned a blindfold to feel the furry, beaded and foil letters of his name.

Mark out in pencil your chosen words. Glue in place your materials. Leave to dry and then get feeling!

I used baking paper over the top of the canvas boards for him to draw over as we didn't have any tracing paper!

He can hang them on his bedroom wall, for a feel whenever he fancies!