Troubling times

You may or may not have noticed, but I have been a little distracted this week from all things social media related.

Home and work seem to be getting in the way of blogging but with good reason.

Here was my week. 

christmas wish list.jpg
paint charts.jpg

As a family, we are going through a period of turmoil. A time when there is no certainty to put your trust in, only faith that you can support each other through whatever lies ahead.

I am so grateful for the loyal readers that check into this blog every day or read through the emails when they pop up in your inbox, and I know you won't mind if over the next week, the content may be a little sparse. I've scheduled a couple of posts and have a few adventures this week that I am looking forward to sharing next week, including my first interiors shoot for Pretty Nostalgic Magazine.

We are going through lots of changes at home and at work, all good, but all happening at once. I'll share more later this week so look out for a special #MeandMine post on the 30th.

But for now, take a minute to tell someone you adore that you love them.

My brother, who lives in America, will be celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend and more than ever, I feel so very thankful for everything and everyone I have in my life.

I found these free iPhone wallpapers you can download here that just seem perfect for life at the moment.

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