unhelpful celebrity magazines


I am famous in my family for being a lover of a good celebrity magazine. I've had subscriptions as birthday presents and when we lived next door to our best friends, on a sunday night, I used to pop the weeks stack through their letterbox. We still joke about that now, 10 years later! I must have got it from my Mum, who in over 40 years has never missed an edition of Woman or Woman's Own! However, since having 2 boys to run around after, the time I have to sit down with a magazine is almost non existent and if I am honest, any spare moments I get, I'd rather spend them reading a few great blogs I follow! I love that a blog is a snap shot of time, that people write what is happening to them or that they find interesting now and if you check again the next day there might be something new and exciting to read.

I knew I was getting old when I said the other day, "oh these magazines, they all have the same story, same pictures" and if you want the latest celebrity gossip, the right hand side bar of the Daily Mail website is perfect!

My sister has inherited this love of magazines too, and whilst I might go for a copy of House Beautiful now, she still loves to buy all the week's celebrity offerings including Now, OK, Hello and New.

We spent the weekend together and I came home with her stack of slightly dog eared, celebrity offerings from last week. I went to bed on Sunday night, at a fairly decent time and had a lovely 20 minutes flicking through.

However, I was shocked when I read this article in New magazine. The article featured Una Healy from the Saturdays girl band and her fiancé Ben Foden shopping with their newborn. The poor girl has had her relationship dissected in the press recently for her fiancés alleged indiscretions at his stag do. Unfortunately, there was video evidence.

The article zoomed in on a photograph of their supermarket trolley and listed what they had bought with unhelpful comments, including "Bin Bags - to dispose of Ben's clothes if he misbehaves again?" and whether because they had put a jar of olives in the trolley they were trying to get things 'back on track' as olives are rumoured to be an aphrodisiac.

I'm sorry if I offend anyone who thinks this counts as good journalism, but I have never read such drivel.

Imagine if they had stuffed their trolley sky high with condoms, the article would have no doubt read "Una forgives her cheating man - would you be so quick to let him off the hook?"

Parents of newborns always look tired when food shopping! They have a newborn! To be honest I thought she looked incredible!

I'm not saying people don't like reading about a scandal, of course they do but I think we should draw the line at analysing a shopping trolley! That was the magazine's story of the week!