Valentines Kiss and Tell

Something fun for St Valentine's day!

A few photos from my shoot with The Little Wedding Helper, a few little questions and a few of my answers :)

purple rose

Q 1 - When was your first kiss?

A - I can vividly remember mine was with a boy called Robert at a school disco in the last year of primary school. It was the Christmas Disco and Cliff Richard's Mistletoe and Wine was playing! Oh the romance!

vintage books

Q 2 - What's the most romantic story you have ever read?

A - Pride and Prejudice, but my cousin's wedding version. My cousin Simon roped in about 10 of their best friends and filmed a real life version of his bride's favourite book. It was unbelievably romantic and for some one who doesn't usually like being centre of attention, you could see how much he loved her from the effort he had put in to something totally magical. He even dived in a lake. Legend.

Pink flowers

Q 3 - What was the most romantic gift you have ever been given? 

A - It may sound silly but I went to a boy's secondary school. At the time I was there for my A Levels there were only girls in the upper and lower sixth. This meant there were Year 7 boys desperate to carry your books and open doors for you. I was a school prefect (yes total goody goody at school) and had to monitor and mentor 24, 11 year old boys each lunch break.

I was "bundled" several times, helpless under a heap of pre-pubescent boys but it was all just fun. They absolutely did respect me and one took a real shine. On the day I left school he bought me the Spice Girls CD Goodbye, it was such a sweet and romantic gesture. I'd never really been someone's crush before. I won't say who, as I am still friends with his brother on Facebook!

Vintage Love Letters

Q 4 - Do you keep love letters?

A - Oh yes - I am a terrible hoarder! I have the letters and cards my grandparents sent each other and I have kept every single card and letter Rich and I sent each other through 4 years at separate universities. One day I hope my grandchildren will treasure them like I do.

vintage book

Q 5 - What was your proposal story? 

A - Rich and I have been together 15 years next month. 15 YEARS!!! We had been together 7 years when he proposed, out of the blue! The trouble with being together for a while is everyone hints and is almost waiting for it to happen. On the day we bought our beautiful house in Weston (that we've just sold aaah) it was a day of high tension. Frantic calls between solicitors, me trying to not bite everyone's heads off at work and Rich racing up and back to Bristol.

I stood at the front door, in the hallway of an empty house, ready to be filled with memories and babies and he pulled up on the drive. I held the door open and watched this sweaty, huffing and puffing mess walk across the front garden. He looked a wreck, all flustered and nervous with his hand behind his back. He walked up to the front door and bent down on one knee, blurting out will you marry me?! A few seconds later after he placed a bit of M&S bling on my finger he said "Oh god, sorry I had a big speech planned but I just couldn't get it all out!"

I love that it wasn't a perfectly prepared and rehearsed speech, that it felt like an enormous thing to do, not just the next thing to do!

cookie lips (1).jpg

Q 6 - If you could kiss anyone who would it be?

A - Forgive me for being totally shallow and choosing a celebrity actor, but it would have to be the actor Jon Hamm aka Don Draper from Mad Men, I mean man oh man yes please! I think I would be totally powerless to resist his charms!

Vintage Valentine

Q 7 - Who is the love of your life?

A - The greatest loves of our lives are our boys. They drive us crazy, they break things, they don't listen, quite often shout that we are horrible and not their best friend's (even Ollie who has picked up that nice phrase from his brother) and yet we love them unconditionally.

Baby boys.jpg

They will always be the most incredible gift, babies are not a guaranteed blessing, that we need to be grateful for every day.

Our boys - the loves and light of our lives.

I'd love to hear your answers..... answers on a blog post please! 

Much love to you dear readers.

Cookie Lips - Opulence Cakes
Florals - Daisy Lane Floral Design
Styling - Kirsten, The Little Wedding Helper