Vintage nail love

nails 2

Tonight I had the most wonderful hour with Sasha from Nail Couture. Well actually it was a little bit longer down to all the gas bagging! Sasha is an incredibly talented beautician who has set up her own business, working from home. Check out her Facebook page!

I spied a photo on her page of some rose painted nails and booked in immediately!

Beautiful, vintage inspired polish and it doesn't matter how long your nails are!

I have booked in, for a few weeks time, to have my toes painted as well! I'll take some photos while I am there so you can see how she builds up the roses!

The roses are hand painted and she charges £5. Quite ridiculous for such intricate work. I paid her and extra £3 and still felt guilty when I drove home.

I can't stop looking at them!