Wednesday Wishes • January

Welcome to a new feature!

Wednesday Wishes will be a monthly post of my personal wishes for the month. Some wish list products, things I wish I had known and my last wish will always be that you make a donation to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation

I have always wanted to use my blog for good and I love good deeds.

If you haven't heard of The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation have a read of this.

Here are my Wednesday Wishes for January.

  1. I am dreaming flamingos at the moment as my sister and I are busy planning my niece's joint Christening and First Birthday party. I wish I knew how to make this gold fringed photo backdrop. Reckon I could try something similar in pink?!
  2. Richard and I made a pact on New Year's Eve to quit alcohol for the month of January. With all the stress with moving into the rental house and selling our beloved house, we had more than overdone the drinking. School night drinking, mid week cocktails and lots of "Oh well it's Christmas" excuses. So on the basis that I wish I had known just how much healthier I would feel without several glasses of vino of an evening, I am determined to savour our creations! I would LOVE this book to drool over and get inspiration from.
  3. Bow tie dog collars. OH MY GAWD. I wish they shipped internationally!
  4. I wish I had proper skills in the kitchen. I have to learn how to make these apple roses. I am wondering whether I could make a heart shaped mini pie as a Valentines idea. Watch this space.
  5. I wish we had put sides on Ollie's new big boy bed. 3 weeks of perfectly settled nights and thud. He fell out last night and gauged his forehead on the plug in the bedside plug socket. We took an ambulance ride to Bristol Children's Hospital where they were so kind and friendly, that he didn't make a peep when they had to prod and glue it back together. My brave boy chose 2 pink 'star patient' balloons as we left at 4am!
  6. I am constantly inspired by Jessica Hische, so much so one of my Christmas presents was an online calligraphy course. I just wish I had the time to start it now. But there is no point starting when we are so in limbo and won't be able to fully commit to practising. Check out her amazing work for Starbucks.
  7. I wish you would donate to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation.