Week in Photos

This week has been full of food. Food and photographs. 

I have been completely inspired this week to conquer my foodie fears and, wait for it, I have finally baked my first cake. 

It's a cracker. I can't wait to share it on Friday! 

My Week.jpg

We are heading off for our family home in Southbourne for a whole week with my sister, her husband and our little niece! A week of cuddles, beach hut bbq's, hopefully swimming in the sea and wine!

It's been nearly 4 years since our last week's holiday with The Broadleys, and then there were only 2.  

I can't wait to share Yasmin lu's first holiday. That will be every family member who has had their first holiday in the flat we adore, at Southbourne Sands. 

Thank you Granny and Grandpa. We love you and miss you.

I'll be blogging a little, so do check back in for some photos of happy family times, delicious food and French wonders. 

Happy last week of the school holidays everyone! 

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