Week in pictures

What a week. A whirlwind week of post holiday unpacking (still), a family party in Oxford, party prep, meeting a very special charity, preparing for the end of an era (queue tears at preschool) and a small boy's birthday.  

Capture by Lucy - this week.jpg
Capture by Lucy - this week.jpg

I've barely had time for anything else this week, but I did discover the most wonderful video from the US store Anthropologie. Not only does it get me in the mood for our weekend away to Honfleur, France, in a fortnight, but I literally would love everything in it!

I see a little visit coming on when we head to my brother and sister in law's on August 2nd! After all, I will be having my birthday in New York - I'd love a super market sweep but would be just as happy with one peacock plate!  

Doctor Party day is finally here! Granny and Grandma will be patients on hospital beds (sun loungers) and we have 20 little Doctors and Nurses arriving at a sweet little hall at 3.30pm. I can't wait to share all the little details and photos!  

Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine where ever you are!  

Isn't it wonderful when your face feels like it's being kissed by the sun?!