Weekend Discoveries

These posts seem to have just happened by accident. All through the week I pin, bookmark, rip pages out of magazines and scribble down little websites and products that I find and it's so nice to share them. You can have a peek at the first and second Weekend Discoveries posts if you missed them.

Hopefully you are enjoying my little discoveries.

First up this week is a kitchen related item that I swiftly sent a link to my brother and politely asked him to purchase them for me. It is actually awesome having a US postal address in the family!

How cute is this sweet Japanese dinnerware? I am experimenting with my blog photography that involves food and am starting to collect some curious pieces which make for great photo props.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 16.23.14.png

I am not a baker. Never got my hands covered in flour. Not even once. But this typography cake makes me want to reach for the shiny mixing bowl that is still waiting to be christened.

If you are a regular reader you will know I have grown a tad obsessed with paper flowers lately but these giant ones make me want to reach for my credit card, instead of my scrap book paper. Too beautiful to bother trying to make yourself! 

I have really long locks at the moment. I keep thinking it desperately needs a trim but I am quite enjoying feeling a little like a brunette Rapunzel, maybe next month. These elastic hairbands are on my birthday wish list! 

I love bunting. In any form! I had a go at some tassel bunting this week but tried out another idea that I will share next week. Shortly after I'd finished mine I found this company and their awesome party balloons. How good would I need to be all year to get one for my birthday in August?!

I have absolutely no idea what I am going to use these for yet but I saw them and knew I needed them in my stationery drawer. Again Patrick and Carlotta to the rescue! Well and the magic of Paypal! I think they would make great birthday or Christmas present tags!


And finally as I say goodbye say hello to Little Printer. I'm not a big gadget girl, whilst I couldn't live without my MacBook and iPhone, I am not fussed about games consoles, electronic fitness boards and the like. But this is top of my ultimate gadget wish list. Rich may have taken a note for my birthday ;)

Now I know the video is from last year, but it's too cute not to share.

I have a super real life discovery to share on Monday. A vintage paradise. Check back in or feel free to subscribe so you never miss a post. Wishing you all lovely weekends of discovery!