Weekend Discoveries

I alluded earlier this week that this one has been particularly whirlwind like.

This week has resulted in a number of new exciting opportunities, a couple of back burners coming into full flame and one 2am photo editing session finish.

But I wouldn't have it any other way. This is a time when I need to take a moment to reflect on how lucky I am. Earlier this month our life had a wobble, worrying about someone and their health, but thank goodness the worry has passed.

Two new babies were born into our circle of friends this week. Two little pink ones, Penelope and Rosie. Welcome to the world little ones, it's wonderful right now.

First up in my discoveries is this sweet lucky penny key chain, which I am going to order one of the new parents. Yes, yes I know it's a little cheesy but I love it.

I also love this birth announcement onesie from Fancy Frugal Life. I wonder if they ship internationally?!


We have a summer holiday booked in 6 weeks with our best friends and Sammy's sweetheart, to my in-laws holiday home in Altea in Spain. I decided I either needed to start a crash diet or bite the bullet and buy swimming costumes. Although I instantly feel 20 years older, (I don't know why, they are much more flattering than bikinis to my "given birth to two sons body") I have fallen in love with the comfort, support and shape they give my tree trunk waist.

I love the selection by Marks and Spencer, very 50's in styling, including this skirted version, and tummy control who wouldn't want that?!

Speaking of holidays we have gone a little mad and are sneaking in 2 nights away without the boys! A friend introduced me to this incredible product photographer who offers a 4 day workshop to Honfleur in France. Unfortunately, the next trip is over the week Sammy starts school so there is no way I could go! Queue the man I married "Well why don't we go anyway?" Now that's why I married him. 

I have permission to totally indulge and take as many photographs of the people, the architecture, the harbour, the scenery, the food, the apple trees and not forgetting the barrels at the Calvados distillery. All with a glass of wine in hand. In the sunshine. Heaven.

We have booked a dreamy hotel within walking distance of the town centre and set sail on the fast ferry from Portsmouth at 7am on Friday 26th July. Fancy coming along for the ride via Twitter?!

The camera has been lucky too this week and now has a pancake 40mm lens for day trips. It makes the camera feel like it's just got it's life time membership at Slimming World. My favourite American blog released a new photo app this week and I immediately spent a small fortune. They get you with those in app purchases don't they?! You will want it, I guarantee!


We have been doing lots of research on big boys bicycles this week. For someone's big 4th Birthday in 2 weeks. But it has got me lusting after girly bicycles with baskets overflowing with flowers. Then I spotted these. How cool would you look with your toosh on one of these?!

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 08.19.39.png

And lastly, the house is slowly getting covered in Circus Party paraphernalia. If you disagree with over the top children's parties then I suggest you don't read this blog for a couple of weeks! I spied this post and just had to share it. Incredible! 

Have lovely weekends whatever you are doing. We have a quieter weekend at home. A birthday party to go to, finally sorting my office and a photo session for Richard's cousin. And a Saturday morning in pyjamas. Until noon. Lush.

I love Carolyn Gavin's illustrations, check out her work here.