Welcome All Mini Witches

brooms 10

I love the idea of miniature things. I have fallen in love with mini pumpkins in the supermarket called munchkin pumpkins but couldn't find mini broom sticks anywhere! So I decided to make my own!

We collected twigs for the broom handles from the local park and I used a few handfuls of straw from a packet of pet bedding from the local discount store. (I have enough straw to make a thousand brooms and the house smells like a rabbit hutch but at £1 it was still good value for what I needed!) I had some elastic bands in the kitchen junk drawer so I reckon they ended up costing less than a penny each!

Simply bunch lengths of straw together and cut along one end for an even line. Tie the bunch round the twig with a small elastic band. I added Halloween plastic rings (I found for 5p each in a local charity shop) round the broom sticks for extra colour. But they look just as effective without.

You can hang them in a garland, use them on your buffet table as place card holders or glue them to a wreath for the front door like we did.

All mini witches welcome at our house!

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