What to wear in New York City (and camera gear)

What to wear in New York

The weather is freezing in New York City this weekend and from research I can see this is not unusual. It’s difficult to know what to take on a city break, because you spend a lot of the days walking and discovering, in and out of buildings so need to be cool and comfortable. But when it’s -2 outside that’s a little trickier!

My new best friend - layers!

I will be wearing, fine knits, button up block colour cardigans, and I have taken two coats. One for day time - heavy, bulky with a hood if my ears get chilly, and one for the evening and travelling which is much smarter and has a ruffled collar (think Jane Austen style shirts). As we travel on my Mums staff travel we have to be SFU. Suitable for upgrade. That means smart shoes and chinos for my husband and a print dress and jacket for me.

I found these lovely wedges (not too high so good for walking around the airport) and a bargain at £12 from Peacocks.

In fact I had a rather successful last minute trip to this high street store, to kill time waiting for an opticians appointment.

Anchor jumper - love it. Spotted denim capri pants - love them even more. Not quite as thick as jeans and far more comfortable.

My favourite outfit is my stretchy striped mini skirt (although not too short that when I bend over you can see next week’s washing) thick black tights, a bright yellow very fine knitted jumper and my new zebra print scarf (from Clarks the shoe shop - check out their small accessories range of scarfs I loved them all).

I used to love the great big pashmina scarves but they get so terribly creased so much prefer these lighter weight scarves that you can just about pull off crumpled.

I have taken a spotty, bird print and pony print version with me too!

Atlantic City is tonight and we are going to the burlesque club and nightclub. Queue panic form a 31 year old Mum of 2 who hasn’t been clubbing in almost a decade. I have packed a purple slightly sparkly number and a flower print tulip dress. The print is heavy on black, pink and red so definitely works for an evening. The tulip dress ties tightly just under your boobs with a sash which means it hugs the smallest part of you and then forgives the rest under the tulip!

I flung in another of my favorite print tops, a big bowed orange duck number! Cute with a short denim skirt and coloured tights as well as my sheer panel blue bird dress which works for a casual evening outfit as you can dress it up with accessories like sparkly ballet pumps.

I was desperate to bring my new red Hunter wellingtons which were my Valentines gift. They are incredibly comfortable and perfect if it snows. My husband thought this sounded ridiculous so I searched for a second opinion. I love Liberty London Girl. A post from the archive confirming Hunters are a perfectly acceptable footwear solution for the big apple.

Freshly rinsed from our muddy adventure at the weekend they are packed at the bottom of the case and made a handy storage space for the bottle of Ribena my brother requested.

Not forgetting what we will be wearing around our necks.

As well as out trusty iPhones, (no Instagram from me, I’m an Afterglow girl) we have brought 3 cameras. Yes it’s excessive but who cares! I have brought my Canon 40D with a  17-85mm lens (one day the 35mm will be mine), which although it’s a bit bulky is easier for me to get on with than the 50mm, still mastering the nifty fifty. My husband has brought his new baby the Fuji X100. Incredible colour saturation and awesome depth of field. Lastly I have my La Sardina El Capitan lomography camera and some rolls of film. New York is bursting with fantastic photo opportunities so I hope to have a practice at the art of lomography over the next few days.

Brits abroad. Let the American Adventure begin.

ps I've been saving these earrings for holiday! I can't wait to share all our pictures!

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