Winter styling play date

Blogging has meant I have met a whole host of incredible people. Some of which I now count as firm friends.

The blogging community is a wildly creative place, and sometimes it feels like people's talents are never ending. I am completely inspired by the bloggers and stylists I follow, none more than Kirsten Butler, The Little Wedding Helper

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kirsten over the last year and I feel like if we lived just down the road from each other, we'd be popping in and out, chatting over cups of tea, yummy treats and playing styling and snapping all day long!

Shooting with Kirsten is a ridiculous amount of fun. It doesn't feel like work! So we decided a while ago we need a Winter, 'Just for fun' day! Pomegranates, wooden textures, beautiful hand painted stationery and cake. Giant, berry laden, naked cakes.

Here's a peek from our few hours of faffing!

I love playing with natural light, and as the sun went down I took the opportunity to capture the beautiful cake in dusk light. Right by the window in a mini set up.

Happy Friday everyone! Happy snapping, happy faffing!