Wish list for Granny!

This weekend my Mum will fly over the Atlantic to visit my brother and his wife. I hadn't realised just how much I wished I was going with her until last night. My brother used the power of the iPhone and Face Time to walk me up and down the aisles of one of the biggest supermarkets in the country!

It wasn't the shopping that I am envious about it's the time larking around with my brother. He just gets me and I miss his sense of humour so much! We have too many in jokes for me to write down and I am counting down the days until they fly back over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Turkey will await them in England! (We are having an early Christmas dinner together!)

So my poor Mum, who thanks to the wonder of BA staff travel has a 3 suitcase allowance and at the moment it's full on the way out with korma curry sauce jars, Cadbury's chocolate and Frazzles for them and I've given her a list of goodies I would love for the way back!

Here's my list in case you were wondering! The Americans really know how to do Halloween! Just the seasonal display area was the size of our average DIY super store!

 Have you ever been shopping over in the States?! What was your favourite store?!